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The fibres of merino wool are extremely fine. A huge contrast to bulky and itchy traditional wool, our Extrafine Merino knitwear can be worn against the skin, without any irritation. It is especially good for babies who suffer from eczema or allergies due to Merino’s anti-static-properties, which means it picks up less dust and other allergens from the air. In fact, merino fibres are around 10 times thinner than human hair! This means they bend much more easily than traditional wool fibres, making merino exceptionally soft and comfortable, with an amazing weight to warmth ratio.
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But if, like us, you’re a fan of a bargain, I’d highly recommend having a browse in specialist kids charity shops like FARA Kids to see what you can discover. We’ve found loads of lovely second hand (hardly worn) merino clothes in there, so it’s well worth dropping in next time you pass At the heart of every Smartwool product lies nature’s finest merino wool (surprised?). Merino is year-round, breathable, and naturally resists odor, plus it’s not itchy, making it the perfect fiber to wear on your travel days and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking for socks, jackets, apparel, baselayers, and accessories, Smartwool’s got you covered in merino from head to toe.

Merino is a natural fiber with a scaly like surface that gives them a hydrophilic, or water holding, center and a hydrophobic outer layer, causing them to both absorb the water from your body as you sweat and wick it away at the same time. Couple this with its ability to regulate body temperature and even when wet it will keep you comfortable and warm - perfect for watersports, any activity that can cause you to sweat and our coastal climate. Wool is often linked with itch and prickle; however, the superfine merino fibres are much finer than human hair and bend when in contact with skin making it beautifully soft and comfortable and not at all itchy or prickly.

The term "merino" actually refers to one of the oldest - and toughest - breeds of sheep in the world. The wool can be a light, breathable coat that cools in the summer or a thick extra layer that insulates in the winter. Merino live in the Southern Alps of New Zealand in weather that varies from 95°F in the summer to -4°F in the winter. Designers like Smartwool and Icebreaker have created clothing so that we humans can now benefit from the remarkable features of merino wool. If this wool didn’t do its job, the sheep would die.

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First of all, answer yourself a question: what is merino wool? One more important thing is how to put merino wool clothes on. Merino wool fiber is very soft and delicate, so you have to wear merino wool clothes and care for them very carefully, only be careful not to hook your clothes somewhere, because they can easily tear off. Many people value clothes made of merino wool because of the fiber’s qualities, like warmth, softness, thermo regulating qualities and many more. It is very soft, pleasant and valuable wool. You have to put your clothes on in a way not to stretch them too much, because during a time they can stretch and the holes might appear on some places.

Here at Armadillo Merino for our next-to-skin we use 17.5 micron and 18. Not all merino is created equal, so make sure you are looking for 18.5 micron merino.5 micron or below for next-to-s So it should come as no surprise that, when approached by the Danish company LANACAre, known for their wool baby clothes made from organic, untreated merino wool, I just couldn’t say no to the offer to try out some of their products. Merino sheep live in extreme conditions and their fleece coats are built for both extremely cold weather AND extremely hot weather! In summer, their coats are breathable and keep them cool in temperatures of around 95°F. In the winter, their coats keep them warm and insulated in temperatures of around -4°F. The very same onesie can keep them warm in the winter AND cool and comfortable in the summer! This is exactly how our products perform when your children wear them!!

The chilly pedal home from your post-ride coffee no longer has to be a distressing moment in your day, and you can kiss goodbye those sauna-like moments as you start your morning ride! A lot of people ask me about what life is like with two 1 year olds at home at the moment and - while it is most definitely hectic, chaotic and loud most of the time - I usually answer that it's not that hard going on the whole. Even I was surprised by the University of Sydney study that wool bed clothes help you get a brilliant night's sleep - even in hot summer temperatures.
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Icebreaker Merino Wool Base Layer
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Since then, I've learned (and experienced) what an extremely versatile material wool really is. I now have a wool neck gaiter, wool base layers for running, and socks, which are not only the socks I wear every day but also the only socks I'll wear while running. Beyond winter fashion, wool is one of the best materials for exercise clothing-and not just in the winter. Also, Merino wool is better than synthetics, for instance, because it can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight before ever feeling wet, whereas synthetics typically feel wet after they absorb 7% or so.

If the garment has a high percentage of rayon, then it is slow to dry and performs the same as a cotton garment. As cotton dries, it feels cold, as it is pulling heat from your body to dry. In contrast merino wool continues to insulate when it is wet. Wigwam socks are crafted by combining merino wool with other fabrics like Dri-release® Tencel®. The warmth, softness and itch-free comfort merino provides is just an added bonus. Dri-release fibers keep your feet dry, while tightly knit Merino Wool keeps the cool air out.

We promised it wasn’t all socks. Toad&Co, the original trail to tavern brand, features soft marled merino wool sweaters, hoodies, and dresses for ultimate comfort, and its warmth-to-weight-ratio in their versatile and fashionable clothing that can’t be beaten. But is it worth investing in merino garments? We break down some of the main points to consider when buying merino, and why the fibre is getting more expensive. As demand is rising, so is the cost of the wool. Woolx makes the softest, silkiest clothing you can imagine. There is none of the itchiness or scratchiness that you might expect from wool if you've never experienced the performance merino wool gear that some companies have been producing. The fit of this also is perfect for me. This is listed on their website as a slim fit, which is what I like. This shirt fits on the snug side for sure, which is what I prefer when running. I don't like to have extra fabric billowing around.

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Merino wool also has natural anti-microbial properties that make it odor-resistant as well as being so soft that it is often suitable for those that would normally suffer from allergic reactions. These properties as well as the hard wearing, durable and natural elasticity make Merino wool an ideal choice for children’s clothing The garment’s ability to breath mitigates the build-up of sweat during a ride. These "strategically placed" panels, in addition to the temperature-regulating New Zealand "super sheep" merino wool, helped me avoid constant garment changes throughout the day. In fact, the base layer has strategically placed merino mesh panels to help regulate temperatures during stop-and-go days in the saddle.

Wool has become a large part of my life lately with my constant hand-spinning, visits to farms, sheep gazing on social media, and pop ups of sheep in popular culture. More recently, I had the great pleasure of seeing an artistic piece full of wool fibers by Emelia Black. It is on display in the annual Kuhlman Fiber Arts & Wearable Arts exhibit at Cornell University until November 10, 2016. As if these reasons aren’t great enough, merino wool is natural, sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable. This wool is good for you and good for the planet. Merino sheep need sheered, and you need outdoor gear that will serve you best.

We have not forgotten men as well. Usually, men like doing active winter sports like ice-fishing, hunting, skiing and many more. To find out more info on merino baby sale uk look at our own web page. We have created the best thermal underwear for them, like thermal pants or thermal t-shirts. They will suit perfectly for every man! Our merino wool base layer is suitable and loved by army people as well. This is where the magic begins. Babies don’t have the ability to regulate their own temperature, hence our struggle to keep them just right! It wicks water away from your baby and releases it into the air, keeping your baby cool and in winter it traps and circulates warm air, keeping your baby warm. Merino gives your baby their own bubble of micro climate, maintaining their correct temperature.

Packing for this trip has been a huge affair - I already find it challenging to pack my own bags for a skiing holiday, let alone adding 4 children! Outerwear, thermowear, loungewear, sleepwear, formal wear - sunscreen, helmets, snow boots, etc etc… A lot of things to think of! But now that we’ve been here for a few days I’m starting to discover our key pieces, and the merino wool basics of Smalls are an absolute winner. They are the perfect pyjamas for crisp and frosty winter nights. Then they become the most comfortable, second skin layer of thermo wear. And after skiing, when the shells are stripped of, the kids hang out in the cosy hotel lobby using their cute Smalls pieces as lounge wear. So versatile! (If they didn’t need a bath every now and then they could just wear the same layer 24/7!)
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